Photo by Meredith Eller Photography

Photo by Meredith Eller Photography

We literally bought matching clipboards and made a joke about how it was a binding contract that we needed to open an event planning company together. I guess you could say it worked!


After working together for several years at a marketing company, we decided to embark on a new adventure that focused on our shared love for weddings and events. To us, bringing together all of the details is a fun process and we want our clients to feel that way pulling together their event. It's not about hair-pulling and stress, but rather setting manageable goals and achieving them together. Find out more about us below! Fun fact: we played rock, paper, scissors to decide whose name should come first! 


Co-Owners of Pineapple Punch Events

Portraits by Meredith Eller Photography

Kristine Funny Pose

Kristine Adams

Co-Owner and Lead Event Planner

Kristine Adams brings numerous year of corporate event planning for organizations, such as the American Heart Association and other local companies in the Ann Arbor area. She also has assisted many brides with their DIY decor and helping to bring together their wedding vision. Kristine’s contemporary design aesthetic brings in pops of bold colors, prints with metallic accents.

Amber Funny Pose

Amber Frawley

Co-Owner and Lead Event Planner

Amber has over 5 years of experience planning weddings in the Metro Detroit, Lansing and Ann Arbor area. She also has worked in the floral, catering and transportation industries, which has led to a valuable background of information that greatly benefits clients during their planning process. Amber’s design aesthetic is a blend of rustic, natural elements with modern twists.